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On April 24th, one small nation took a stand against the nuclear weapon giants

They did it in court so the whole world would know

“It’s time to keep your promise for nuclear zero”

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Make your  voice heard is about waking up the world to the insanity of nuclear weapons.  It's about making our voices heard so that our leaders act to ban these weapons of mass annihilation. For the seven billion of us living on the planet, not reaching Nuclear Zero is seriously...nuts.  


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“Nuke enthusiasts are crazy people–they think making energy and making nuclear weapons from plutonium and enriched the way to do business--NO NUKES YA'LL!!!” – Lynn Manzione 
Athens, Georgia 

“Any war is going to be destructive to humans and the environment at large, but nuclear weapons are just foolish to the point of insanity because they can virtually wipe out life on the planet.”- John Cort

“There is no logical reasoning behind supporting nuclear weapons as a means of defense for any country. Simply said, nuclear weapons are a crazy option. Nukes are nuts!”- The Rinderknecht Austin family
Santa Barbara, CA

“Nukes are nuts because they are illegal, immoral, exorbitantly expensive and threaten all life on Earth”-  Bill Wickersham
Columbia, MO